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KX65 I want to setup 12v Lights / Radiator Fan

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I am "enduro"ing the little KX65 and want to fit a fan for low speed technical. Very low draw - waterproof computer fans. About 3-5 watts each. 

Any ideas on how to get regulated 12v out? I'm guessing a regulator, small battery and ??

Any tips appreciated


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A 2 stroke don't really put out hardly any heat to need a fan. I ride a very technical loops, and I've never seen 2 strokes puke out coolant. It's often the 4 strokes  that pukes out coolant.

But to answer your question, if your fan is 12v AC, then you can wire it directly to the stator's output. 3-5 watt draw can easily be tapped out of the stock stator, and not worry about needing a regulator for such a small wattage draw. However, if your fan is 12V DC, then you have to get a "rectifier" to convert the AC to DC voltage. And DC also needs regulated supply, so you may as well get the all in one Regulator/rectifier unit.


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