Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

On the 27th we'll be riding the North Missaukee ATV trail which is much more forgiving than a Single track motorcycle trail.  The terrain is a mix of dirt & sand, I would say probably 35% dirt & 65% sand with some really nice hills & berms.  We would be leaving from my house in Manton riding 10 miles on a mix of roads to the beginning of the ATV trail (West end) then from there it's about a 35 mile trip out towards Moorestown then 35 back.  I usually take a break about every 10 miles & wait multiple times during each 10 miles to make sure everyone has caught up.  I don't mind waiting for people I just want everyone to have a great time and be safe (go at your own speed).  We would stop 1/2 way & take a lunch break.  You don't need plates for this trip but do need the ORV & trail pass though & we can pick those up on the way to the trailhead.  The whole trip from my house is about 95 miles and there is gas at the beginning & at the 1/2 way point or where we turn around to come back.  Plan is to leave around 1 or 2pm & probably be getting back around dusk depending on break times. 
On the 28th we will be riding a much longer loop on mostly snowmobile trails / seasonal roads / public roads and all dirt is my goal.  I'm still planning this route out so I don't have a total miles yet but my guess would be around 150miles but remember that will be travelling at probably 25 to 50 mph & you will need to be plated for this one.  Not sure on the start time yet for this one though I can imagine we will be getting back at dusk so a light would be mandatory.
I'm 50 but ride a lot and do trips of these distances on a regular basis.  Like I said though I don't mind waiting although would warn you we will be going thru some sandy areas & you would need some skill with that. 
We don't really have the 29th planned out yet but some options would be, Leetsville ATV, Grand traverse MT, Missaukee Junction ATV or Long lake MT.

Anyone else?

I haven't gotten the email.

Hope you guys had fun up there. I went and checked out the Little O loop this past Sunday, and let me tell you, it was HOT AF! I also went out by myself, but I ended up hooking up with a few other riders later on and it was a blast. A little too much sand and whoops for my taste, but I'll go through just about anything these days, as long as I can ride. Can't wait to explore some other systems out there. I blew a fork seal on the 230 (I guess I rode a little too hard for the suspension to handle, I need an upgrade at some point!), so I'll be fixing that this weekend. I intend to go back up on October 8th if possible if anyone is interested. I also have some footage if anyone cares to check it out. Here's part 1 of it, I'm in the process of editing part 2 ATM, so hopefully that will be uploaded soon!

Is that the ORV loop? It looks wider than what I saw when I was checking them out. I saw a single line handle bar wide path.

If there is a single track, then I didn't see it. This was definitely 50". I was under the impression that this was what the Little O loop was. I know there are single tracks that are connected to it. Then again, I'm ignorant of the area and I know not what I do sometimes, lol.

No it's me not knowing what they call the different trails. And I live a few miles away!

You oughta download an awesome app for Michigan trail info called "Trailmate." It gives you the map of the state and pinpoints all trailhead locations and titles, tells you what vehicles they cater to, and directly hooks up to other apps like Google maps and Google gpx. It's pretty cool if you want to give it a gander.

Watching your video was like living my first trip to the little o all over again. Your commentary was exactly what I was saying to myself as I started the loop; "damn this is longer than I thought. The sand is sketchy and going to wear me out. Etc.." On my second trip up there it was so much better riding with someone vs alone. Alone I was cautious and slow, which is why the sand sucked. Once I started riding faster, the sand became fun.
If you continue on to the Big O, the trail isn't as wide.

Did you finish the little O that day?

Lol, unfortunately I only did about 2/3 or so of the whole loop. It was ungodly hot and dry that day, and it was also a one day trip so I had some driving to do. 3 1/2 hrs up, about 5ish hours riding, 3 1/2 hours back down.

I'm in the middle of editing part 2 (I'll be throwing that up by next week hopefully), and that's when I met up with other riders, and that made me pick up the pace a bit but things were flowing pretty damn good! Too bad I ride a bit too aggressive for the bike I have, because I blew a fork seal (I blame the whoops...)

I would actually want to check out either Evart or the Lincoln hills next time, get some single track in maybe. I'll be fixing the 230 tomorrow, and I'll perhaps head up there again on the 8th.

Good job on the video. Don't worry about your speed, I'm slow too, just enjoy the ride...

Here's part 2 of my trip to the Little O ORV trail.

I'm thinking about going back up this Sunday to check out other trails around the vicinity. Lincoln hills comes to mind, but perhaps someone would have other suggestions? I'm also welcoming to more riders, cuz it's only so much fun when you're alone!
Hmm, sounds like I'll eventually have to upgrade to a bigger bike that I can make street legal (I'm unable to with my crf 230 without major mods, it's not worth the trouble) so I don't have to worry about most of this stuff. If I ride enough this season, perhaps I can justify pulling that trigger. There seems to be a lot of areas that I can ride, but I'm still limited and that kinda sucks.


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Best thing I ever did was plate my bike !


I'll be most likely going up to check out the Lincoln hills tomorrow. Planning on being in the lot around 11ish. I hear it's a good loop and fairly well groomed for the time being.

As for the weekend after, my schedule may be open for a two day trip, so if anyone wants to take advantage of that, let me know! The north missaukee and grand traverse loops sound intriguing for that!

On ‎10‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 2:51 PM, 230 Sausage said:

I'll be most likely going up to check out the Lincoln hills tomorrow. Planning on being in the lot around 11ish. I hear it's a good loop and fairly well groomed for the time being.

As for the weekend after, my schedule may be open for a two day trip, so if anyone wants to take advantage of that, let me know! The north missaukee and grand traverse loops sound intriguing for that!

What days next weekend are you thinking? I'm off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 

I can for sure do Sunday. Monday will be difficult to secure, but I'll see what I can do. Which trails are on your mind?

What days next weekend are you thinking? I'm off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. 

Not sure if you got my last post, but unfortunately I only have Sunday open for riding. If you're still game for that, then let me know where you want to ride and we'll try to meet up.

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