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1974 XL175 - got it running ..electrical help please

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It's been sitting for 23 years. Oil was put in the cylinder when it was parked, but still had 1/2 tank of gas... 

I cleaned up the carb and put in a Keyster kit, replaced the completely worn out points and the capacitor.  We strapped a small plastic gas tank to the handlebars (I still need to clean out the tank) and powered the coil directly with an RC car battery pack. It started up after a couple of pushes down the driveway... kick start shaft is broken..

It's running pretty well, but I took some alternator measurements I'm not sure about.  At idle - pink to yellow 21v and pink to white/yellow 10v?  I should have checked voltages with it revved up, I'll have to do that.  I checked the regulator output at idle and revved at 45vdc and 75vdc , so , I'm pretty sure it's toast. :)   I ordered a modern regulator/rectifier unit.

Resistances are p to y 2 ohms, w/y to y 2ohms, and p to w/y 0 ohms.  No shorts to ground.

Could the coil to the white/yellow wire be partially shorted? Any ideas?







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