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Cedars of Lebanon - TN

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I'm new to riding and have been scouting trails near me. I have a plated XR400. This weekend, I found a website called gravelmap.com which showed an un-paved road near me. I rode out yesterday and this road is inside the Cedars of Lebanon Forest. (opposite side of Hwy 231 of Cedars of Lebanon State Park). There is no gate or guard but there is a sign up that says up to $2500 fine and/or 12 months in jail for unauthorized access with some specific notes about OHV's.

Then, I went home and checked youtube and there are several video's of guys riding dual sports through this area.

So. Are those guys just more gutsy than I am or is it okay to ride back in there? Anybody have any experience or tips? I'd love to go explore those trails!

Any of you ever been caught riding in an area you weren't supposed to be riding? What happened? Are they pretty firm if they catch you? Who catches you anyway? Cops? Tenn Wildlife resource people?

Looking forward to the replies! Thanks.

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