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After several jetting changes, and chasing after an intermittent failing ignition coil.  I finally figured out why I couldn't ever eliminate my low end bog off of idle.  After watching some YouTube videos I decided to look into A/P timing.  Come to find out, the A/P wasn't really squirting anything at all.


After several attempts and different positions, I'd come to realize the only possibility was that the diaphragm was installed wrong.  Took it out and flipped it over, and viola!  Finally had a strong squirt!  Cleaned the air filter while I was playing with the carb, so by the time I got the carb figured out and reinstalled and bike reassembled, the filter was dry and ready for oil.


All said and done, fired on the second kick, and no more bog.  Nice crisp throttle response all the way thru, and just single pop on closing the throttle.


I guess this is what happens when you assume the last person inside the carb knew what they were doing.  Because I put it back together exactly how I took it apart.  Haha

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