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1968 Ycs1 Part number look up

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I have been working on a 1968 ycs1 180 twin. I am having a problem finding pistons and rings. I have found keystone pistons but no rings.


So the issue is, I don't know how to tell the difference between keystone and stock. What's the difference?

I have stock rings but keystone pistons so It doesn't work. But I can't find std keystone rings.


Does anyone know how to look up these parts for me. I'm lost assns getting a bit frustrated.





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I have. But the issue is the descriptions don't tell you what rings match with which pistons. Other then oversized.


But I found out that the rings and pistons I have are actually correct. 


So I am all set now.


It looks like on this particular engine they superseded std piston and rings to keystone. So I hone my pistons to the cylinder and I should be all set.


Thank you

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