And even more ECO-whackiness!!!

Hey guys...LEARN about these clowns and how they think. That is how you combat them. Beating them up would be nice, but won't end their propaganda machine. These are lunatic-fringe. I am all for keeping the place we live in all nice and clean, but these guys and gals take it WAY too far.


Here's who we are dealing with on the eco-front:

i bet their liitle propaganda machine would stop if those wussies setting up neck wires were cought by the police or by a pissed off trail rider. Those A-holes are at the same level as the taliban in my book.

NO they are worse than the Taliban

These are Americans atacking Americans


Seen it !!!

In my my area there are butt loads of free public access roads, trails, you name it Nevada is in my opinion the free'est of the states. Anything that is public land is unrestricted.

When I started my current job I got to view a file investigating "straight wire" (like barbed wire without the barbs) which was placed on an ATV trail just out side of town, I seen the pictures of this little trap and it would have been wicked if some poor bastard would have been flyin down that trail. Luckily some hunters found the trap and several others in the area.

But it wasnt the envirowako's (this time). Local ranchers and hikin homo's were suspected. That was in 1997 I think ? So this is nothing new and something everyone needs to be aware of if ridding around disputed ranch land, cattle land, etc...

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