Ankle taping?

I ruptured my right achilles 3 months ago riding in Moab. 5 months ago I tore my left calf muscle.

The current injury has probably weakened me further due to lack of walking and running, though I've been riding plenty with the injury. 

I got an ankle brace (Ace) but it doesn't seem to restrict and protect as much as I'd like. Hoping to find a way to tape my ankles for max protection in case I decide to ride something really aggressive.

Thanks in advance for any helpful ideas!


FYI, I decided to not have surgery and just let the achilles heal on its own. They said it was 90 percent ruptured, and I probably would never walk right again. But I think they're full of .... I've read online about all sorts of people that have let it naturally heal itself, with results just as good as surgery. The injury has indeed been extremely painful and quite debilitating. I love to ride, and have still been logging 600 miles per month off road, just very careful about using my right foot. Finally, in the last month the strength and confidence is coming back. The other day I walked a nature hike/path for 3 miles...the longest walk by far since my injury. 

Crash site...


Interesting. You trust 10% of the largest tendon in your body? Did you get a cast or brace or did you just wing it? I guess you could have the surgery later. Web MD says the physically inactive and elderly can get by without surgery. 

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Day 5 of 23 day road trip. Wasn't going home. Research shows that non surgery has as high a success rate of healing as surgery. And lower risk of repeat tear. 

Perhsps less pain? My swelling and pain has been pretty significant. I've had broken arm, compound finger fracture, broken ribs, busted shoulders, neck and back pains. Nothing comes close to the pain of this. 

3 months later my ankle still swollen. 

That said, it's healing and getting stronger. I just want a strategy to lock it up when riding. Like today. 


I sprained my ankle a couple months ago and use a compression toeless-sock when i'm putting the ankle to use. I don't think taping/brace is going to help prevent an injury while riding, I think it will reduce swelling and make for a less distracting ride though. Boots that have good integrity and especially an ankle pivot point will be doing the active protection IMO. I have some old tech 8's and the boot's ankle portions are getting pretty floppy, at least i'm no longer ignorant of my boots weak points. 

If you have good boots taping will not give you any more noticeable support. There is a tape job specifically for the Achilles. Look it up on Youtube.

Did your Otrhopedic use casting or bracing until you were healed or are you just walking around on it. If you did not get braced & allow healing, it will scar down, but I bet you eventually finish the job & suffer a complete rupture.

Good luck!

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