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2015 KTM 300 XC-W Jetting

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Hey everyone! I am a little confused on the jetting side of things on my 15 300 xcw. I am getting ready to go to the Shady Burro enduro in South Fork Colorado. They said that the elevation of the ride will be between 9,000 and 12,000 feet. I am currently in Texas and my bike is jetted for sea level to 2,500 feet. My current set up is 172 main, a 38 pilot, and the stock needle. It runs fantastic here. I would like to follow the manual and do what the jetting chart in the back says but I keep getting really different suggestions on what to run. I called Slavens racing and they told me to run a 150main, 38 pilot, and stock needle. The manual says completely different, What do you guys suggest?  Thanks so much in advance. 

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Hi, have a 300xcw '15 too. When you level up in altitude,you need to lean the jetting a littlebit. 

You need to know that the biggest change they will affect rich or lean jetting is to move the needle (move clip up to lean and move clip down to richer). Needle is responsable of 1/4 to 3/4 throttle range.

Pilot affect 0-3/4 to 1/4 (idle and bottom end reaponse.)

Main jet is only affect full throttle (wide open).

So in your case, is not really good to only adjust the mainjet in leaner condition when you go to 9000 feet. You need leaner overall jetting, so the pilot, the clip position of the needle and the main jet.

You probably run the n8rg clip 3(or n8rh). Is standard in many 300xcw 2015.

My suggestion for you is to put the 35 pilot jet. Move up the needle clip one position and put a 165 main jet. Airscrew out 2 turn (and you setup the AS when you test ride if you need)

You still need a safe jetting but lean a littlebit.



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Exact same bike, which I've sold but I ride with the guy that bought it and he hasn't changed a thing.

NECH 3rd clip
As at 1 1/2 out
168 main
38 pilot

2,500-9,000 with just and AS adj.

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