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Who do i contact to advertise on thumper talk? Like a banner ad


I am hoping to pay for a banner ad on thumper talk and was hoping someone would be familiar with how to do this? I appreciate any help.

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Send a email to:


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I'm sure Bryan Bosch will be able to tell you exactly how he can set it up so you can be seen in all your glory on TT and he can collect your money. ;)

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    • By Jeff aka Bolt
      NEW GENERATION 4 is here !
      New Retail is $375...  BUT NOT HERE !!!
      RABACONDA Tire Machine & Bib Mousse Changer 

      Normally $375... ONLY $319 when you also buy the Rabaconda Tire Iron Set
      $9.95 UPS Ground shipping to your door anywhere in the US. (AK & HI Excluded)

      Rabaconda Tire Machine Alone - $329 - $46

      Rabaconda BUNDLE
      Tire Machine - $319 - $56 OFF
      Tire Iron Set - $65 - $10 OFF

      Best tire machine ever invented. IMHO
      It's the right height... wide base does not easily tip. BIB Mousse guys LOVE it... and works fantastic for tube guys too.

      It takes seconds to tear it down and stow it away in the included duffle. And less than a minute to set it back up.

      It is NOT an inexpensive tool... but it will pay for itself and make you wonder why you ever paid for tire installations...
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      Watch the videoS to see how easy it is to setup and use... even with a bib mousse. Have questions... just ask.
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      I'm wondering what tires these are cuz I want some like them for my klx 110.

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      2006 KTM 525 XC New Tires. Posting this for a friend. He says he is getting older and the bike is too fast for him. It has an auxiliary oil cooler installed that was $400 brand new. Bike must be sold soon because it is taking up space in the shop so it must go!! Call if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting to view the bike at the shop. I have a Wyoming number but I am not a scammer so please do not flag my posting. This is a real ad. Thanks!
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      I have been on the hunt for the best all around rear tire for my L. I want a tire to last a decent amount of time yet be amazing off road. This thread is more or less for myself to keep track of what I've tried and the results, hopefully someone else can benefit as well. I got the L last summer so have not had a ton of time to try tires but here is what I've done so far.
      1. Stock tires - actually a pretty decent 50/50 tire. I need a much more dirt oriented tire so it wasn't working for me but I was surprised at how decent it was for a good all around 50/50.
      2. Kenda K270 - amazing 50/50 tire. I tried the front and the rear. The front blows off road but the rear is quite good for what it is. These things wear like iron too. I only had them on for three rides but there is essentially zero wear and that is on hard terrain that shreds tires after just a few outings.

      3. Scorpion XCMH - WOW! I tossed a pair of these on and headed out to the woods, I felt like I was glued to the ground. The traction and performance was exceptional. Problem was though that by the third time out for a ride they were toast. I only got about 1 3/4 rides out of them before they has significant wear. Half way through the third ride the rear was done. The pair cost me $260 and I didn't even get two full rides out of them before the wear significantly effected the performance.
      The front tire was great and had a decent lifespan.

      4. Shinko 505 Cheater - I really, really like this tire. I ride in the mountains and there is a ton of rock and this sucker sticks to everything and gives amazing traction. It is currently on my bike and after two hard 6 hour plus rides it has held up alright, worn away about 30%. I think I'll likely get another two, maybe three rides out of it before she's pooched.

      Just got these in the mail today, will edit and post thoughts on them down the road.
      5. Michelin AC10 Dual Sport

      6. Michelin Starcross 5

      7. Kenda Trakmaster II (K760)