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Need advice on 1978 honda xl125

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Need help on deciding what to do or how to find what i need. Bought a 1978 Honda xl125s for father son project. It had low compression, found piece of metal holding both valves open. It had beaten piston, valves and compression chamber up some. Havent located machine shop that works on cycles yet so ordered upper end rebuild kit containing cylinder and new piston and gaskets and cleaned up other components. Lapped valves.  Seemed ok but leaking compression on intake valve.

So, orded cylinder head which I thought was for 1978 . This included valves, springs, and camshaft etc...  first we noticed camshaft not the same. Rest of it looks ok or same. Discovered it must be a pre 1976 head which although it is a split 2 piece head it used contact points instead of the cdi pulse generator we have. So the shaft is shorter. Cant put in my old somewhat worn camshaft because the journals and bearings and cap cover etc are different. I have not seen any heads specifically for my year model online so cant just order right one and resale other.  Also i have new valves for mine since seller would not confirm if valves were included.  Seller also has not responded about this not fitting.

So the question is:?   Do I

1: order parts to convert to points ignition??  Dont want to and may be unexpected complications.

2:  see if new head can be machined to except my original cam?  Or new cam shaft extended further?

3:  get original head machined, valve job , new guides and seals and new oem valves installed etc.. .  Note suspect new parts are chinese but suspect if i can find someone willing to do this it would cost much more than new parts.

4:  try to do a diy valve job and guide replacement? Have never done this and do not have tools.??

Thank you sooooo much for any advice or info!!


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1 hour ago, Raffmanlt said:

Dane,  do you mean specifically this model year or xl125 in general or any old bike?

I mean any older bike in general I usually won't purchase a bike that's older especially if it doesn't run and is taken apart

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