First Oil Change ?

All righty then. Ok for starters I am mechanically lame, but eager to learn the in's and out's of my new Blue Baby, so in attempting my first oil change are there any do's and dont's regarding the manuals instructions. Does that inline filliment need to be removed and cleaned? If so what is the easiest way of accomplishing that little task. Any thoughts about Castrol Actevo ? Any other items that I need to be looking at while changing the oil ?



You should definitely clean the strainer in the frame (takes a 24mm wrench) and change the oil filter. Is your bike a 00 or 01/02? If it is an 00, you will have to loosen the headpipe to get to one of the oil filter housing bolts.

First things first, remove the oil drain plug from the bottom of the engine, which can be accessed through the skidplate. The oil filter housing is the small, round shaped thing just above and to the right of where it says YAMAHA on the right hand side of the engine. There are three bolts. Remove them and the round cover, and the oil filter is right there. Replace it for sure. There will be some metal shavings in the filter- this is normal. Be careful when reinstalling the bolts, some people have overtightened them and stripped them. The strainer is located in the front of the frame, you have to remove the skidplate to get to it. There is also a drain bolt located in the front of the frame right above the strainer- remove this before removing the strainer. The way I do it is to remove the line that attaches to the strainer- just follow the line to the right side of the engine, remove the bolt, pull the line off the engine, then pull it off the strainer. It will take some coaxing to get it off the strainer. Once you've got it off, use a 24mm wrench or deep socket to remove the strainer. Blow it out with compressed air and make sure its clean. Once you've cleaned the strainer and put the new filter in (make sure you install it the right direction), put it all back together, add some oil, and enjoy!

Make sure all the bolts are good and tight, but don't overtighten any of them. If they are overtightened, they can strip. Also, as the engine gets hot, the bolts naturally get a little tighter I've found, so if you get them too tight you take a chance of breaking them next time you remove them.

A lot of people on here seem to like Castrol Actevo. I personally run Mobil 1 15-50 (in the red cap). Oil choice is basically just a personal preference, go with what you like. Just make sure it isn't energy conserving. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, very helpful.

I got a '02 shinny new.

Hows about that Scotts stainless steel oil filter, worth the bucks, or not ?

Holy Detail Wooster, that link should be placed in the manual, im sure if you cantact Yahama they will consider. :)

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Yeah wrooster gets the prize for that one... :)

Scott's is nice. I've been thinking about it. But then again, I am still on my 2nd and 3rd filters at 100 hours. I threw the first away because it had a tear.

I'm going to buy a new yamaha one soon just because I feel guilty.

Yeah as much money as in accesorys and gear that I have put into my childhood relived hobby, I cant bring myself to buy the Scotts just yet, we will see. I think its like $60 or $70 bucks, so it can wait.

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