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Front Rotor vs. caliper adaptor

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Hi Guys, especially those of you riding a WR450F model year 2016 onward.

While trying desparately to get rid of the freight train squel of the front brake,
I decided to mate that with my older project of fitting a bigger disk (genuine 2016 WR450F).
Parts arrived, and were install 10 minutes before.
Squeal is gone, braking too, but starts to build up fast (pads are the same, but are relatively young)
however I'm concerned with the fit.

Is that picture proof of me having bought the wrong oversize disk adaptor ?





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Brake squeal is the pads vibrating in the caliper. You just tighten the copper spring clips as tight as you can so the pads are hard to reinstall,  and make sure the backs of the pads are lubricated with copper grease. That will eliminate all squeal.

Your caliper is now in the wrong place relative to your disc.

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