quick cam question

I am thinking of installing both the intake and exhaust version of hot cams on my bike,but first i have a couple of quick questions to ask.Will the yz450f version hotcam fit my wr?and do i have to rejet to get the full effect,and is there any other things i should be aware about when installing this cam? :)

In this situation, I think you would be better talking to HotCams... they know their product... I know the OEM unit well, but the HotCams unit is their speciality...

Good luck,


jc aren't you running out of mods for your bike yet?. Whats next a 480kit?. :D I love spending money on my bike too. :)

Anyone ever done hotcams before? :)

Check out the thread "YZ Cam Mod - Please Read" on the YZ Forum. There's quite a bit of info. on the hotcams, as well as other good info for doing the mod.

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