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1993 KLR 650 Compression but no spark

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Hey guys, looking for some help here.

I'm interested in buying a 1993 KLR650 i found on craigslist. The owner says that compression is good, but that there is no spark at the spark plug.

Any idea what could be wrong with it? any experience with this before?

I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I'm excited about having a project, but i don't want to dump a bunch of money into it.

All I can think of is grounding issues, maybe a bad stator, or oil in the spark plug wells from pad valve covers.

Anyway, i'm a noob when it comes to motorcycles. Any ideas how i could find out what the problem is or anything to check for when i go look at the bike?


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Could be a number of things . There are known wiring harness shorting out spots on these bikes so it may need a lot of digging to find or as some do , just buy a new harness . Could be bad coil , high tension wire or plug cap as well . The brain box at least isn't a high failure issue on these at least so it's low on the list. Would help to know just how it lost spark , like riding one day and it shut down , or started having issues till it quit starting ect... .


If your good at electrical it would probably be a decent bike(price pending) , but if your not good at it might be better to find a runner .




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