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Rebuilding Forks on a 2003 Corba DC 65

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About 8 years ago I picked up a used 2003 Cobra DC 65 for a pit bike. After hours of riding it around I had found out it needed front and rear brakes and the fork seals leaked. While doing some searches online, I found out this bike is basically non existent on the internet anywhere. If you good search it you cant even find an accurate picture of the bike anywhere. When I called some dealers they had never even heard of the bike :jawdrop:. I remember when I was racing 65's back in 2004 there was one kid who had one of these DC 65's and thats the only other one I had ever seen. Im pretty sure this was Cobra's first ever 65 and it never really took off so they laid low for a few years until they released their new lines of dirt bikes that are the ones that are popular today with the minis. 

Anyways, I eventually managed to track down some brake pads for the bike and that was it but now I want to jump into doing the fork seals. However, if I had enough issues with finding the brake pads I have a feeling the fork seals are going to be virtually impossible to find.

My question is, if I take off the forks and take out the seals and measure them, IS there anywhere like a distributor or a place that sells generic seals that I will be able to match them so that I can rebuild the forks? The forks are the same style forks that the big bikes use where the shafts are on the bottom of the fork, which cobra still seems to use that style compared to say kx65 forks which look like they're upside down. 

I have a picture of the bike somewhere that I can find so I can show you guys what this thing looks like. 

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