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Xt350 rebuild and performance

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So I picked up my first bike and got it running


It's a 1992 model year Yamaha XT350

With 11XXX miles

It ran okay (after doing the usual refresh of replaceables) till something came out of the gas tank, through an online fuel filter, and into the carburetor, gumming it up. It's been since cleaned and able to run with fuel from a bottle, but I'll need a new tank. This one is just too far gone.




Now I was road tripping it back from California where I bought it from my father-in-law, ($200)

And back to Idaho. But my car broke down (fuel pump, and I'm stuck back where I was for a week)



In the meantime I'm going to work on the bike for a while. Including a new tank.

Things I'd like to do:

New lower cylinder gasket (slight leak)

New piston

Top end job including new cams, shimming/ valve clearance, cleaning intake ports

Possibly new exhaust ( though I prefer quiet over loud) and maybe glass wrapping the pipes (I like the look).

I do have the clymer manual, and almost all my tools with me. Short of an engine/bike stand


The problem is: I don't know too much in the motorcycle world, what brands are good, what to watch out for, etc. what do you guys recommend? Should I avoid a set of performance cams? If I get a new piston will I need a new cylinder? Should I start with clutch work and making sure that the slightly sticky clutch is okay? I'd really like to defer to you guys that really know what you're doing. I'm a decent car and engine mechanic, but I only know so much about bikes


I plan on making this bike as an investment where I can sell it later at a value of more than what I put into it. So far it's just $200 for a bike. And I've 'seen' examples of it sell for $2000. Granted those are pristine bikes. I don't expect more than $1000 once I get it to perfect.


Thanks in advance for all your help and guidance!

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It doesn't smoke, and ran very well, except for it being easy to stall in first, but I chock that up to inexperience. I plan on getting that plastic Clarke tank, as I'm done messing with metal tanks.
As far as engine noise, there's a slight amount of valve noise, but no knock/ping, and it'll rev pulling hard to almost 8000 rpm. That is before the carb gummed up and I took it apart to fit it inside my station wagon. Right now I'm putting it back together.

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if it pulls well and doesn't smoke, i wouldn't waste money on a piston, a set of rings and hone the bore is all that is needed. 

the valves can recede into the head, i got mine from a boat chandler using the yamaha part number and it was half the price as from a bike dealer. they must be used in outboards i guess.



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It's yours if you want buy it and ship it. Be warned: it's in need of serious work. There's something 'else' other than rust in it. Perhaps sugar. Or something, because the piston was ruined as was the cylinder and I got a new one and bored out the cylinder. It's now '87mm' bore. Blueprinted by my machinist to the Wisco piston kit that came in. Did the top end.IMG_3374.JPG valves are now shimmed to spec, and I imported it into Idaho from Cali IMG_3401.JPG
In my wagon

It's licensed, titled, insured, and I got my permit today to ride it (not license though). Found it to be impossible to not stall when coming off a stop at the top of a hill. Clutch discs are at 20% left before needing replacement. So I cleaned and adjusted clutch.

Brakes are also in need too. At about 20% to change.

Currently running Mobil 1 10W-40, and I think I want to switch. I'm picky and have always used Mobil in my cars, but the clutch isn't slipping like it should, despite the steels not being warped, and having okay fibers. Maybe it's the oil?

It happened knock once (three knocks) when I futzed the clutch while coming off a stop.

But it has gobs of power and took me to 75mph without problem. Scared the crap out of me when I saw a cop down the highway.

Any thoughts on what to do?

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I've put a lot of time into it indeed. I clocked 37 hours in three days in the 110° desert heat. Totally worth it though.

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