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Which big bore is fun and relieable?

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Hello everyone. My original post was too big a mouthfull so I will narrow it down. 


I need a new bike, I drive Honda CBR 1000RR daily and I have an old Husqvarna TC610 motard as a toy. I absolutely LOVE the Husky but it's too unstable, "fragile" and needs too much attention. 


I need a bike to replace the old Husky. The bike will be used as fun around town bike, short transport and occasional race on the local motocross track. Most important is it has to be the opposite of my Fireblade, a fun city bike. Brutal low end torque, high center of gravity and just fun to ride. At the same time im searching a bike that needs less attention/maintenance than my old Husky and an e-start and perhaps an ignition key would be welcome but not nescessary.


I've been looking at Honda XR650R and KTM 525 EXC. The XR650R I read is almost immortal but is missing the e-start and im told it's too soft and too heavy for track. The KTM is a racebike and im affraid it will require to much maintenance (piston/valve change). I don't mind frequent oil/filter change but I don't have the place/time/desire/skills to change piston/valves. Also im affarid both bikes will overheat in town?


I found a really nice KTM 525 with only 1800 km/1100 miles on the clock which even comes with sumo wheels/tires and XR650R in perfect condition but with 15000 km/9300 miles on the clock.


Im gonna use it as a toy = im gonna beat it and as I don't wish to wrench alot I guess low maintenance is high if not highest on the list.


Please feel free to comment on the 2 bikes and/or give me better suggestions.



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