Painting the Frame

Has anyone painted their own frame? I painted my KX250 frame black with spraypaint and it came out looking rather good. With my YZ over next winter I want to sandblast the frame and have it painted, I want a really nice job,how much do you think it will run me and should I get it powdercoated or what?


I tried to paint mine, but decided that powder-coating was the best option. I went to Embee in Santa Ana, CA.

It was $150 for the frame and sub-frame on my YZ400 and they have about 150 colors to choose from. Team Yamaha takes their frames there, too! I pick mine up on Monday!

On my old XR I tried painting the frame myself, but the paint chipped away easily, I then got it powdercoated which looked great and was very tough. It cost me about $100 Aus, well worth it.

Does that price include sanding and prep?

Just had mine done for $130, thats glass beaded, degreased, powder coated and clear coated. Should hold up nice, it is a silver color with black veins all through it.



The place I took mine to, Embee, does everything to prep it. All I had to do was drop off the frame and sub-frame.

YOu think these paintjobs will hold up as good if not better than stock?

Powder coating is WAY stronger than paint. It will still chip, but you really have to hammer it compared to factory paint jobs.

Damn! Something else for me to spend money on. Can you guys post some pictures? Would love to see what you have done.

Hey thump did you have your pipe ceramic coated too? Embee did my pipe, it turned out bitchen. I can't believe how tough that stuff is. I figured it would chip in front where it takes roost, but there isnt a mark on it!

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