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08 CRF450 FCR Carb Rebuild (with pics) :D

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So I finally got around to going through this carb and thought I'd post a few pics..

Over all the carb was in great shape inside. The bowl looked nice and clean with no debris and the slide showed minimal signs of wear and even the slide seal was in really good shape - so over all I was really pleased with the condition of carb.

The AP diaphragm was in good shape as well

This being a new bike to me and the PO didn't recall having any carb work done, I thought I'd play it safe and give her a look-see  ..

Jetting - Looks like everything is Stock (?) - From what I understand, the carb is jetted pretty nicely from the factory. My bike does have the full Yoshi Exhaust system on it as well as Twin Air filter and screen removed, but I think the rest of the engine is stock.

I had read some conflicting info on the Pilot jetting ... some saying that it's too rich,.. others it needed to be richened up a bit.. (45) ... I guess I'll start with the 42 and see if it needs anything.

Main: 178
Pilot: 42
Needle: NJGR
Clip position: Third from top
Fuel screw: 1- 3/4 (out)
Leak jet: 55


The only thing that looked like it needed some TLC was the Hot Start circuit. the plunger was a little dirty as well as the housing for it and the cable & Lever were pretty stiff and gritty feeling. - I ordered a new Hot Start Cable from Motion Pro - well the factory one didn't have the sweeping 90 deg. end on it where it attaches to the carb so I reworked the factory cable and got it nice and lubed up and put it back on - I don't know if I ordered the wrong cable or what, I need to check into that one though.

I also picked up a Slavens Racing Fuel screw, I really like theirs as it incorporates a factory type brass end, but also has a larger extended section where you can turn it by hand,.. I think I should have bucked up and bought the flexible shaft one to make it even easier, but this sure beats trying to wiggle a tiny screwdriver in there with no space to work ;)

Since quite a few folks were pretty adamant about me not removing the TPS I decided to take heed and listen to their voice of reason.. . BUT,.. I did disassemble the carb the rest of the way and run it through the Ultrasonic Cleaner - I just kept the TPS barely out of the cleaning solution.. that way everything else got a good cleaning.

I did notice upon disassembly that the Float level was off quite a bit,.. that's all dialed in correctly now also.

Carb is back on the bike and I'm planning on adjusting the valves tonight,.. so I should be able to get this thing fired up here in the next day or two and get it all dialed in perfectly.

Next up is pulling the Forks apart and respringing them and changing out the seals :wacko:






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