New YELLOW tank for YZ426/400/250

SoCal owners: want your bike to look as cool as this one?


I have a new yellow Clarke tank and SDG seat. Both are stock replacement sizes. I wanted to make them fit on my DRZ400, but backbone is too high :)


Also have petcock, gas cap, misc. Yamaha mounting hardware. Never used - in factory packages - just can't make it work on my DRZ.

If I can get ~3/4 of my money back, I'll be happy. Will take less on whole lot. Let me know if interested. I can post more detailed pix, if you like. Tank cost me $165, seat $89, hardware ~$50.

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Like this?



That has to be one of the prettiest bikes (my new wallpaper) I've ever seen :) How would anodized forks and gold or black hubs look. Could that be the ultimate.........oh no, we'd have to add carbon fiber side cases. Then it would be perfect......but, what about black anodized billet triple clamps with a gold anodized steering stablizer, Yea, then it would be perfect.........


Didn't mean to hijack this thread! Bill-That picture doesn't do it justice. Email me and I'll send you some hi-res pics of this bike. This one isn't mine, but I did build it. Click the "2001YZ426F" in my sig line to see mine :) .Black powdercoated frame, polished exhaust, motor mounts, swingarm, etc. You should have seen the "Before" picture! The "Part 1" video shows the yellow bike in action in my sig line also.

Like I said, email me and I'll send you some great hi-quality pics of it if your interested.

Email here:

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I'll give ya $100 for the tank plus shipping. That's like 60% or something. OK. Let me know.

Hey, that bike looks darn familiar.

Hey Bill, the hubs are black, you just can't see them. I will be adding Black Pro Tapers this summer.

Big Lou, your bike is almost too pretty to ride!

Gee Guys, maybe I should keep the seat and tank, but sell my DRZ - #33 looks NICE!

That's Thunder 33's bike. It is pretty! I almost cried the first time we got her dusty after the restoration! :)

I would highly recomend that!

You could keep your DR and get green Kawasuki plastic for it pretty soon :)

DAMN! I already ordered the black_red stuff first :)


How do you polish the swingarm? And thanks for the pics you sent.


Bill-We have some big,industrial polishers here at work. A couple twelve packs and I got many parts polished and powdercoated :) . There are other options out there. My friend Robert did a bunch of parts on his RM, but I'm not sure how. It was nothing elaborate,though, I know that much.

They best way to do it yourself is to get some Mother's Aluminum polish and a buffer. Wet sand it with some very fine paper first if it is in real bad shape. Lot's of elbow grease and voila' it is shiney. I prefer giving it to Lou with a couple of six packs and seeing it a week later all shiny and happy.

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