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To keep my -03 450exc or to sell it for a newer bike-dilemma

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This is my third year as an owner of an old 2003 450 exc. It's been great bike for a novice trail/hard enduro driver but lately I've been fixated by newer bikes (2010->) because how light they are, and how long top end rebuild interval they have. Especially the ktm 2012+ 4-stroke fuel injected ones. Someone told me that they'd go as long as 350+ hrs with just oil changing where my ol' 03 needs top end rebuild every ~150hrs.

These thoughts have filled my mind for a while and now I feel that it's so clunky, heavy and that it's holding me back from driving at my best (probably not the case but I can't shake it off). At the enduro races I've noticed I got the oldest bike there, with people driving +2010 year bikes.

It's a shame that I recently went and fully rebuilded the bike from top to bottom making me doubting to sell it right away.  But the age is starting to show in the chassis and many other parts probably needs replacements soon costing extra $$. At the moment it needs to be taken apart again with putting new gasket seal and the cylinder needs to be straighten in a engineering workshop since it overheated in last race. Making this young worker very frustated with the costs (RIP my savings).


So what do you guys think? Is the old ktm worth keeping or am I doing myself a favour by selling this and buying a new one? Are the newer ones really that much better or is it just a halluzination? Any known problems with the old 2003 excs or how about the new ones I should know about? I was thinking of street legal ktm/husqvarna 250-300cc 2-stroke or 450cc fuel injected 4-stroke

Sorry for the blabbering but I thought it was required you guys to understand my situation. Also it's kinda big decision to make financially. I could probably get about 3700 euros from it after the maintenance - where the bikes I look for go about 7-10k.

Also a pic from the bike attached just for the hell of it.


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