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426f milky oil - spitting coolant

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So i've been doing research from sometime now but never got around to doing it, my bike was crashed, the right side radiator got bent up so i did my best to straighten it back out. The bike was on its side for a minute running before i shut it off. I wasn't the one to crash it which makes it even worse, the first symptoms of the bike having issues was spitting out coolant through the weep hole. Next the bike sat for a few months not having time to fix it, when i would kick it, exhaust sounded gurgly ever kick like there was water flooding it but no water wouldndumb out when it was stood upright. Finally there was water in the oil, the bike runs but there's an issue somewhere along the lines of head/gasket/water pump/seal etc etc. Can i have some input on steps to do in order cheapest to most extreme, give me your thoughts on this, thanks 

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