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Used 250 XCF-W what to look for

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I am looking at a 2014 250xcf-w, the owner claim 15hrs running time. This will be my first KTM and am not so familiar with them, but presently own a wr250 and have had several dirtbikes in the past.

Question, are there any problem areas I should be looking at when I see the bike? I plan on looking at wear marks around the tranny/motor area where boots rub as well as condition of the plastic, this should give me an idea of saddle time the bike has actually seen. What other areas would you all focus.

Their asking price is $6k, and if it truly is nice as advertised, I don't think this is an unreasonable asking price. Opinions?

thank you all in advance.

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Price seems high to me, but they are a great bike, so I, like you am happy to pay a premium for true low hour bikes.

These bikes were very well sorted after several years with the same engine, PDS and fork setup, so wouldn't expect to find much wrong @ 15hrs.

I have a 2013 350SXF and it's been brilliant for the last 30hrs.

The gear lever tip is pretty soft and you'll notice wear on the bottom side of the gear lever after more than 15hrs. The tip is so soft that I wouldn't be surprised if it's worn off the fine knurling.

An XCFW may have been used on the street for 15hrs. This is not ideal for engine life due to high revs. The front tire knobs will be chopped off/worn on the back edge, if that's the case.

You could easily inspect the airfilter, and look at the airboot, but honestly, 250XCFW and WR250F for that matter are amazingly resilient to dirt in the intake (NOT advisable, but I've got racing experience to prove it) compared with something like a small bore 2stroke.

The other thing is the engine oil. It should have been replaced and should not be black or have filings behind the oil filter.

Post a pic if you end up buying a KTM 4-stroke.



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