Check your throttle cables!!!!

Just a friendly reminder to check your cables. I disassembled my carb today for a good cleaning and both my cables are fraying. I have not replaced thems ....they are original but a month ago I checked them and they were ok. When they go they GO!!

BTW the TT store has great prices on Motion Pro two on the way!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Did you go with motion pro? I hear they are slick.

Great advice.

Mine fray all the time...ive learned to live with it and replace the cables every 6 months...tried motion pro and terrycable and they still do it. :)

i have had to replace mine regularly also...until you do the coil mod and get that out of the way... it makes for easier access to the carb /cable housing ,then you can lube /clean it more often.since I have done this no more frayed's just a good place for dust to get in and mix with lube...that's ugly right there i don't care who ya are.....that's on my 00 426 :)

I just checked mine lastnight and they were both had broken housings where they go into the throttle tube. I am going to order motion pro's off TT to replace them!!

I found the same thing recently on my 426. Checked the 400 I sold to a friend of mine and it was fine even though it has way more hours on it. Wonder what the difference is? They look very similar.

I am not sure what caused them both to break. I did have a very hard spill a couple of weeks ago but I just bought the bike about a month ago and this is the first time that I have checked it so I might have gotten it this way.

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