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2017 model upgrades..Exhaust etc?

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So i just recently bought a 2017 CRF 250R and as you all know it comes with dual exhaust. I would really like to get the benefits of more horsepower through aftermarket exhaust but am wondering about replacing it with a single side system? Has anyone done this? Ive seen it done before but have no input on whats best for the bike and what exhaust options are really good for my model. if anyone could give me some input on the direction i should go ,it would be appreciated.  single side? dual? and what manufacturer would you go with for my particular model? obviously i would like to not spend 2000 bucks on dual exhaust from top manufacturer of aftermarket. ....help please.

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You probably won't want to hear this but the stock exhaust is likely very well designed

and flows plenty to match the stock engine's internals, an aftermarket one would not dramatically increase the power.

In most cases, the 'improvement' is the lower weight,

again we are talking ounces that *might* make a difference on a pro racer's bike.


Spending the same amount of money (probably less) having the suspension tuned for your weight and skill

would no doubt make more of a difference in improving your overall speed and lap times.

Having more power is useless if you can't hold it wide open due to wheel spin, bouncing, bad handling/cornering etc.

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