Were there any problems with 2000 YZ426's?

A buddy is test riding one right now before he buys it and I've looked at alot of past posts but couldn't find anything. Since this was the first year after the 400, I wanted to ask.

I can't believe you didn't find anything on the 2000. First let me say that I own a 2000 426 and I love it, but... it is certainly not without some inherant problems. Notable items were first run batch of bad clutch baskets (I'm guessing the bike your friend is looking at has either been upgraded or if it's lasted this long it has a good one). The clutch was also a little grabby for some and was upgraded for the 2001 model. The only other nagging problem on some bikes has been the CB drive gear. The 2000 retained this gear with a straight key instead of splines that later models had. Oh, and the bike came with an annoying hic-up off idle. This has a simple cure called a BK mod and can be done by anyone for about $5. Do a search on the other items and you'll have plenty of reading to see what alot of folks here did to cure the problems. Again, I love my 2000 426. It's a great bike and your friend should be able to get ANY question he has answered in this forum! Hope this helps!

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Dittos Dirt Dad

I have a later Model 00, No problems with clutch, BKmod corrected bok and misc other little fixes.

Only complaint is seat to hard for me Hemi's

Clutch is Grabby as dirtdad said.

Wife wont let me fix it... :)

All In all Love the bike

The guys pretty much said it all. I still have my '00 and it's still going strong. I have rebuilt the engine once, and done meticulous maintenance all along. I am a heavy MX'er at 210 lb's, so I've pretty well put it to the test. The cheezy clutch was my biggest complaint, but there are several fixes. I'm still stock on the clutch so I just gripe about it every time I ride heheh... Do more searches and I'm sure you will find loads of info, also try using either mine, dirtdad's, hmmm I think Hick had an '00 too, several more I can't remember right now... anyway use some of us '00 owners nicks in your search and you'll get lots of results.

Awesome. Thanks guys, that was exactly what I was looking for. I've wondered what the blk mod was (I have a 99 400). I'll let him know. The bike is too good to pass up for such little problems.

I have a 00. Eight desert races and tons of trails last year and not one single problem. It's been the best bike i've ever owned.

I have a 00 426 and love it. I have changed the CB key from a .196 to a .200 just to stop the rattle. It was really not a problem, I just did not like the rattle. The clutch has been upgraded to a Hison/billet. I have had some thoughts of buying a new 03 450, but after a ride in the afternoon everyday for about an hour on my 00, the adrenalin rush tells me to stay with this great 00 426 beast...... If i do buy a new one, I will probobly have to keep this one in case i don't like the new one haha. shhh(don't tell the wife) tell your friend good luck, this is a great bike.

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