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When i ride or race, I'm pretty good at looking forward except when it comes to ruts. I stare at the rut the entire time, especially in corners. Where should i be looking in a rutted corner? What's the proper eye technique from start to finish in a rutted corner?


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For me, it depends on how long the rut is. I look at the rut as I'm approaching it once I'm in it, I focus on the front brake and throttle control and look at the exit of the rut. But I'm never staring at anything as I go through the rut I'm looking at my next obstacle. Look where you want to go and your body and bike will do the rest. 

Keep practicing and have fun. 


I look at 5 spots to help train myself as I relapse with this often. Connect the dots if you will. Spot 1-braking mark
2-rut entry
3-rut apex
4-rut exit
5-next obstacle
As I approach I see 1 then 2. While braking and entering look at 3 etc...basically 2 spots ahead of where I am. Disclaimer. .. I'm no expert lol but hope this helps.

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