I need a spoke!!!

Hey Guys,

I was washing my bike this evening and I saw that I had a busted spoke (part of the threads busted off inside the nipple). I was looking on parts fiche and was going to order another one...but you can only buy a complete spoke set :) Do any of you guys have one spoke and nipple lying around that I could buy from you? I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. Feel free to email me at motoman393@hotmail.com or give me a call @ 281-482-2522 Thanks,


BTW here is a pic of the busted spoke http://mx393.tripod.com/spoke.html


Check your PM.

Im sure one of you guys have an old spoke lying around? Any of you guys that have had busted hubs have a stock spoke/nipple? I would appreciate it ALOT!


Hey motoman, if you haven't already got one, let me know i live in texas and will mail you a spoke and nipple. Later

Hey Motoman,

If it's for the rear, I have one I can send you. I had a hub bust and two spokes broke. Had to buy a new set and have the others left over.

However, I could use one for the front wheel. Got a bent one with the nipple chewed in half. If you or anybody else has a front one, please email me at kris@n-sv.com


I've got a front and rear spokes but they were for my 99 400. They are just sitting right now. My dealer ordered 5 for me and that's all they charged me for. Give it a shot...

motoman, check with a KTM dealer.

My little brother uses my dad's '94 YZ250. Broke a spoke. We found that only KTM sells individual spokes, as we were NOT about to spend $50 for ONE spoke!! It's still like $5, but it's alot better than $50!

You should be able to find one that fits from KTM!

[ April 29, 2002: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

3/4" nylon spacer and a flat headed drill bit insert. Drill out the spacer to accept the insert. Tap it in, then a little epoxy. Voila! $1 fuel screw adjuster.



It's on the way! Nice talking with you Motoman

just so everyone knows... Yamaha spokes torque to 2.2 footpounds. that's only about 26 inchpounds!

the BEST thing to do is what I did... find a friend & go halves on a set. it costs us about 35 bucks each for 16 spoke/nipple sets apiece.... 8 inners & 8 outers. that's reasonable if your buddy has a broke spoke, too & feels violated by Yamaha for what they want for a set.

if you are breaking nipples in two... pulling the threaded part off the wide base... you are over-tightening them.

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