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17 KTM 500 EXC spring rates

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I have a 2017 KTM 500 EXC and love the suspension for riding hack, but it wallows too much over bigger jumps and the front end tends to wonder.

My stock rear spring is a 63-66-69-225 progressive (63P spring I think) and the manual says it's for a 143lb to 165lb rider, I assume with gear.

I weight 195-200 lbs naked, and about 215-220 with gear, 6 ft tall, 50 years old, and about a C-B rider.  I contacted Slavens and he suggests going up two spring rates to a 69-72-75 69P spring in the rear, and two spring rates in the fork.

Have any of you gone up two spring rates and weigh about the same as me?  Is it still plush in the hack (what I ride the most in northern CA)?

Slavens thinks the stock suspension really sucks, harsh on the hack, and wallowy on the rollers and jumps.  I think it's super plush on the hack, but it's probably because the springs are too light for me.

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I'm riding stock springs on my 17 500 and all I did was move the clickers a few to a  firm sport setting

I'm 210 with gear and ride all desert/mountain and rock pile (hack) with ease.

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