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2017-2018 350-450-500 EXC must have upgrades inventory

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Hi gang,

There's so many tips and must have upgrades and what have you for the new generation EXC's I thought it might be a good idea to do an inventory. If there's no interest, well, than this thread will disappear quickly!


To bite the bullet on my 2017 500 EXC euro model

Best mods:


  • Akra titanium exhaust
  • No cat
  • O2 sensor removed
  • Mapping adjusted > bike runs like a maniac, pulls the front in all gears



  • Acerbis 4.1 gallon tank > huge range, the bike runs ~23 kms per liter
  • Powerparts low/comf seat
  • Doubletake mirror
  • Powerparts rear disc protector
  • Scotts steering damper
  • Very important: Cyclops Led headlight bulb (wow!!!)


Plenty of other stuff done but these are my must haves

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they take some getting used to but true benefit is comfort ,increased lower stance and better braking feel for the tight stuff. I trials my 500

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