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Doing the first valve adjustment this weekend.

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Ok, going to do my first valve adjustment on this bike since it was new. Only has 1600 plus a few miles on it. But I'll do it anyway. I use to have it down to a science on my 1991 XR600R StupidMoto. Could knock it out in about an hour if I took my time. WHat I really need to know is, where do I get (The) perfect feeler gauge set for this particular bike? I have seen motion pro mentioned, but need to have a link or a model number to the specific one. Also, do I adjust them to a tight .10mm on the intake, and a tight .12mm on the exhaust? Or a loose or perfect on both..?? And, are you supposed to be able to hear the valves a little at idle or are they supposed to be silent? 

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What is "this" bike?

I don't think it takes a special set of feeler gauges. I just use the straight ones

Silent valves are too tight. Hearing a little ticking is normal.

I use SAE gauges on my 400 and the go/no go method, as in, .004" will go, .005" will not on the intake. And on the exhaust, .005" will go, .006" will not.

Using mm gauges, I'd use .10mm for go and .12mm as no go on the intake, same .02mm difference when doing the exhaust.

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