Drowned my my bike - now what?

Trough a combination of skill and agility, I managed to totally submerge my WR400 in a cold, clear stream this weekend. After removing the plug and drying the filter, I was able to get it to re-fire. Because I was around 20 miles from the truck I was forced to ride the bike with some milky oil -

I've already changed the oil twice, now that I'm home, but I was wonderinging if there's anything else I should be doing. Should I flush the crankcase with anything?

Did I cause any damage running the bike for an hour with the contaminated oil? I did my best to keep the load the the revs down.... It seems OK :)

Thanks for any advice!

keep running it and changing the oil till its not milky.

Sell it :)

this probably isnt what you want to hear, but I knew a guy that had a similar thing happen, buy he fell off in a dirty mud puddle. 1 month later the engine was stuffed. All the muddy water entered the engine via the exhaust pipe. If it was me, I'd strip it and clean it. It's only gonna cost you a weekend of your time and a few clutch cover and stator gaskets.


ha! done the water wing exercise a few times myself. river crossing is always fun...when you make it! you can ride in water levels up to you exhaust tip, as long as you don't let off the throttle. if you do, your engine gets an unwanted internal bath. being able to start it right after is a good sign. I would still strip it down...


as rich pointed out, there is a really good chance that you can flush her out, change the oil a few times and she'll be right. What you have gotta ask yourself is can you afford to risk it?? :)


Did the same thing 1 st time i rode it.No big deal just change oil and run , then change oil and run and keep on doing this until the oil looks a lot less milky then change filter.It may take a while but 1 thing is the wr hold stuff all oil so it looks milky very easilly.If it happens again the important thing is to try and change your oil as quick a possible. If you have good quality oil it should go milky with water in it.Not water on the bottom and oil on top thats when you get damage.The fact it's milky tells you it is working as designed when water gets in.Yamilube seems to handle water o.k. You tend to learn this after the 1st time.

Keep dry ! dave

So far it seems OK - 4 oil changes and it just seems to have a bit of water left in it. The magnetic plug and filter and floatbowl didn't show anything unusual (including sand :).

Good comment about milky oil being "good". I did feel somewhat better that I had Rotella Synthetic in her during the whole time.

Thanks again for the comments.

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