How do you figure out what Bar bend is comfortable ???

Hey YAll How do you Figure out what bar bend will fit you :)?? is there some rule of thumb ??I got to Ride Sat04/04/04 at the New Riding Club Just East of Stanton Tx,on I-20 It's called Out Back Adventure Track... GREAT Place I figure 1,000 acre's and a dry lake bed you can top out on ( I mean Gas IT!!!) its at least 3 miles long you gotta check this place out !!! if you live in West Tx, 432.756.3838 ROCK ON Y'ALL.... :D

Rule #1, try one and see if you like it! Rule #2, get someone's advice who rides at about the same level, or style as you, and try their bars out.

I read once to sit on the bike, close your eyes and reach out naturally and see how close you are to what you have and what feels natural. On the flip side of things, you may need to just try some different bends and see what happens. Being comfortable on the bike really makes riding faster easier. Good luck.

Pastrana FS is good for tall riders, especially when used with adapters.


Most tall riders prefer a higher bend like the Jimmy Button or CR high Bend. Im short at 5'7". I like the McGrath bend.

I'm 6'2" and I use Pro Taper Henry bend bars with universal adapters that raise the bars 3/4", plus an 02 top triple that also raises the bars and moves them forward.

I'm 6'2 on a 03 450. I got a set of tapers with Doug henry bend and RG3 triple clamps, which alot of tall riders were talking about the D.H bend. I wouldn't ride with out them. I have tried TwinWalls with different bends and didn't like them. These are far the best for me. I only race MX if that makes a difference.

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