Electric pressure washer

Will a 1500watt power inverter hooked up to a 12volt deep cycle battery run a electric pressure washer rated at 13amps and 1400watt?

The washer is a 1400psi


Like to use it at the track out of the back of my van. I have a 35gallon tank for water that I use with my gas powered washer.

Just like something smaller,lighter and quiet to use, especially smaller so that it doesn't take much space up in back of van.


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Barely, possibly not. The washers rated power is during run time. Electric motor draw spikes (sometimes triple its' rated draw) on start up. It is only for a few seconds but that might be just long enough to fry your inverter. There should be a rating sheet for the enverter that will tell you the ltypes and amount of typical loads it can handle.

[quote post="13853097" timestamp="1501883778" name="CaptainKnobby" userid=" rated at 13amps and 1400watt?
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1400 watts is 11.666667 amps.

As stated motor loads have an inrush current above well above the rated running current. But really depends on the inverter. Some are rated for motor loads. A good inverter should have overload protection or be fused to protect itself.

Hold the trigger on the pressure washer when it starts should decrease the start up load. Give it a try. If you fry your inverter, it was shatty anyway. Then buy a 2500 watt unit

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