Help! cr125 bogs!

Backstory:  2003 cr125 piston siezed during mud race.  cylinder replated, fresh top end, all back together and bike rips well but looses coolant out exhaust.  Fast forward 3 years and 3 complete gasket sets later and found out that the replated cylinder had a crack behind the inner power valve axle stay, so it was loosing coolant out the power valve.  

Now: new oem cylinder and head, fresh wiseco piston, carb rebuild, air filter, fresh silencer packing, and now the bike starts and runs well but bogs soooo badly off idle and when i crack it WOT. feels like its misfiring.  it rolls on power okay if i roll onto the throttle slowly.

Im at a loss.  So far I have changed out spark plug, checked correct piston orientation, checked correct PV operation, Jetting is currently 410 main, 37.5 pilot, needle 2nd cip, AS 1.5 out. I don't know what to do with this bike.  

Can anybody suggest anything that I haven't tried yet?  I want to get this bike back on the trail :ride:

I'd check for an airleak...and since you mentioned carb rebuild probably take a second look at it as well to make sure float height is set properly and all the passages are clear and not obstructed. Did you try pulling up the choke knob while riding, lowering the clip position or turning in the A/S to richen it up and see if it gets better or worse? Leakdown test after the rebuild is always strongly recommended as well as a compression test.

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