Questions about removing the flywheel.

Hi guys,

I bought a DRZ 400 and the flywheel bolts backed out on me and 3 of the bolts got sheared off. Now I need to remove the flywheel so I can take the sheared bolts out of the starter clutch behind the flywheel. There is a retaining nut on the flywheel that needs to be backed out before threading the flywheel puller tool on and removing the flywheel. Is this nut left hand threaded or right hand threaded? Does it need to be turned counter clockwise or clockwise to be loosened? I found conflicting information about this and I want to be sure before I destroy my crankshaft. Also, I'm having a hard time keeping the flywheel from turning as I try to loosen the nut; I hear that a 26 mm wrench is what is needed to hold the flywheel in place. Is this true?

Left hand threaded (lefty loosey on the flywheel, righty loosey on the primary gear).

Most of the flywheels, 26mm, a few, 27mm (it is a rough cast 'nut' and the size has varied slightly.). The wrench has to be an offset one as well. Or you can use a strap wrench and a rattle gun.


What William was trying to say is the flywheel nut is a standard right hand thread. (left to loosen).  The primary nut on the other end of the crank is left hand thread (right to loosen).

Impact gun works good.

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