Drz electrical issues!

So here's the issue- One day I went to start my 2005 Drz400sm and it acted as if my battery was dead just turned over very slowly but i brushed it off because I had left the headlight on for a while and figured the battery was just a little drained so I push started it and away I went. well eventually my headlight stopped working as well as my bike would just click instead of turn over which once again sounds like a dead battery but I got a new fully charged battery and the symptoms didn't change a bit. So with a good fully charged battery the headlight still does nothing and the starter solenoid just clicks, the weird thing is my speedometer is still lit up brightly and doesn't get dim or anything when I try to start it. Would this be a bad starter solenoid or a wiring issue somewhere? Any advice is much appreciated.

Maybe ask this question in the DRZ specific forum, I bet they'd be more helpful.  I'd think the Supermoto specific forum would be more for advice on converting or riding any brand of bike with Supermoto wheels on it.  


But just because you asked here, you need to start with the basics.. does the new battery actually have 12Vdc? does the bike produce a charging voltage of ~14Vdc when it's running @ 2500rpm? is the starter actually receiving 12Vdc when you push the magic button? if it's not, find out why.  There's not much in a standard starting circuit besides a Key, maybe a fuse, a momentary contact switch, an electric motor, and usually a starter relay... which are all relatively easy to diagnose.

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