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48th Duquette Enduro Aug 20th

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    • By cerialsledder
      From everyone else's experience have you ridden anything in Michigan that compares to riding the Tomahawk B and C loops in Wolverine?  I'm finding myself becoming a Tomahawk snob because I can't seem to find any other trails that compare to the Tomahawk.  The elevation changes/hills, the woops, the tight twisty trails, the rocks the roots just the all out flow of the trail is amazing.  Everything we have tried this year to me doesn't have that wow factor and just seems flat and twisty.   
      Anyone have any other recommendations to try before the season is done?
      Thank you
    • By slowstepper
      got lots of high resolution small area maps,  jeremies VVV maps are great,  but I'm looking for a single map that shows the trail,  and the roads and highways and the cities and towns -  trying to plan my next assault on the MCCCT,  trying to do it "modular"  with a series of Home bases,   so a map showing both would really speed up my process
    • By RK-REX
      I was thinking that there are a few riders from out of state that might not be as familiar with our trail system/DNR websites. I received an email from the DNR today with some great links that I thought I'd share for anyone who is interested. Note, all can be accessed by the first page, but since it's hard to navigate on a phone sometimes, I added individual links as well. 
      DNR State Trails, ORV, hiking, etc.
      Main ORV page
      Michigan interactive ORV trail map
      Michigan closures, trails and other DNR locations
    • By Brad H
      I just joined the dual sport club as well as this forum.  Grabbed an ‘06 KLX250 and am looking for fellow locals to ride with (have plates and ORV)..  Also have a truck and free time for getting north.  I’ve been riding a road bike for many years (Magna 750 currently), but the off road aspect is new to me.  Since getting the bike, I’ve been logging miles on local dirt roads, but there’s nowhere to really get off road in Washtenaw county.  Planning a trip with a bunch of quad riders near Gladwin at the end of the month, but hoping to hook up with some other bike riders specifically sooner and/or later.  Being new to off road (albeit fairly confident), my better judgement is telling me to avoid heading out solo right away.  Any friendly folks willing to ride?  Or even, any other advice?
    • By cerialsledder
      We have been going on adventures every other weekend riding everything Michigan has to offer within a few hour distance of where we live.  This is a short one of us playing around on the Moss Lake trails in Rapid River MI.  It's not a bad trail, a little choppy for how many roots are on the trail but none the less fun as hell!