Looking to upgrade? What size and make should I go with?

To start off I'm currently riding a 2004 crf250r that I bought blown up. Did a top end with oem piston, pro x ss valves, hot cams stage 2 camshaft. Bike has about 35 hours on top end rebuild. Runs great and rides pretty good. Love the handling it has on the trails and it does fairly well on the track.


I ride about 50/50 track and trail. On the track there's this one jump I especially can't quite clear, it's right out of a corner and I hammer the throttle third gear. I started to wonder if a 450 would be better for me? Although I love a 250f and maybe a newer one would handle better and have a little more power that it'd work better than my 04?


I've been looking at 2012 and up bikes. Couldn't get new unless I financed around a few thousand as I'm only 18 and don't have an extra $7k plus in cash to spend on a bike. I have about $4k to spend before selling my 2004. Let me know what you guys think! I'm 6'2" and 180lbs.

I have a 450 xcf. It has the sx moto engine but softer suspension electric start and bark busters which are great for trails. I love it! My other choice was a 450fx. They are kind of in a class by themselves. Cross county. Not completely trail/woods and not completely moto. But you can always modify a moto bike for woods imo. But harder to make a woods bike moto i would think.

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