Trail 1326/St Charles (San Carlos North) trail report

Starting at the East St. Charles Trailhead this trail is about 5 miles uphill of switchbacks, roots, rocks and unforgiving obstacles, the top of the peak had nice views, then you have to go down hill 5 more miles until you reach the intersection of East Cisneros, then turn around and do it all again for a total of 20ish miles of brutal extreme enduro style single track riding. If you are looking for a challenging trail definitely check this one out. Good luck!


I've heard the same thing. I like a little challenge, but it has to be somewhat fun, not just some sick endurance test. You don't hear much about that trail systems. It was in the original trails of Colorado book.

I have a lot of fun doing trails like this. I think a trials bike with zero PSI in tubliss, and some extra fuel would be the best way to ride this trail. 

That one kicked my butt good. Lots of fun!

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