Need a busted up left crankcase for an 06

Long story short, I picked up a CRF250x back in April, and someone who previously worked on the bike broke off the piece of the left crankcase that holds the cam chain guide in place.  They tried fixing it with JB Weld or another epoxy, but that fell apart and probably damaged the stator.

Anyone have a busted left (or whole) crankcase for a 2006? My idea is to take the case to the machine shop and have them fabricate a piece to screw in below the crank-cam gear.  I'll definitely pay for shipping.

Few NOS OEM used on ebay - but im guessing you dont want to split the cases ?

Those are all too nice! :) Not looking to buy a new one, something junked would be best (cheapest) for what I want to do.  I really don't want to start an engine rebuild project when all I need is a fix for the lower cam guide.

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