CRF 250 motor reliabity

This questioned has surely been asked and answered many times but I thought I should ask the opinion of some  true experts, I hope.  My brother has bad-mouthed Honda 4-strokes MXers since day-one and I have argued with him a number of times about this.  He says that the CRF 250 is about one step worse than those $300 Chinese scooters that you see around town, and that the cylinder head in particular is crap, and that is why they are relatively cheap.  I say that the valve issues are usually caused by idiots not keeping up with their oil and filter maintenance.  So many industry people state that the Honda build quality is tops in the business and the engineering is solid...even the folks at MXA gang that have bashed Honda for many years state that the CRF is the safest bet to have if you are modding a bike out.  My brother is a KTM Kool-Aid drinker since like 2002 and thinks the skies parted and God sent down this super-awesome orange motorcycle and it is always perfect, so his view is quite clouded.  So...what is your opinion on the CRF?  Solid reliability or a turd in the punchbowl?  

The three CRF250's I own have been totally reliable ('05 crf250x, '06 crf250r, 15 crf250r). I've never taken an engine cover off any of them, and they still run like the day I took them off the showroom...My street-legal '05 CRF250x has 20,000+ miles on it and still going strong.




You can't fix stupid haha. I've owned nothing but Honda's for the past like 14 years and there's a good reason for it. My 16 crf 250r now has 400 original hours on the bottom end and almost that many on the 270 cylinder. Intake valves have lasted about 170 hours, I've replaced them twice now when they start needing to be reshimmed. Put 200 hours on the last piston and rings and replaced it just to be on the safe side and it made no difference.  The stock cast clutch basket is junk and that's about it. I'm still on the original water pump too, but the older crf's go through water pumps eventually. The newer heads and valves last longer than the early years. All my friends with ktms always have way more problems than I do with my bike, yet they think ktms are the best. The new ktms are pretty nice though. 

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