Weird Lurch at full throttle

So my Yamaha xt350 support has had a strange issue for a while. Strange to me atleast. When on the highway (or whenever using 6th gear), if I have the throttle wide open (which is typically necessary to speed up as the bike has barely any torque at those speeds,though my bike goes up to about 82 mph), the bike does a strange movement if I let off a little. If I want to even out the throttle to the speed, and let off the throttle just a little bit, the bike will slow slightly as expected, but then lurch again back to the same torque/speed.

So basically if I go from full throttle on the handle (not full speed on the bike necessarily) and let off to say 3/4 throttle, the bike will slow slightly, and then lurch back up to speed as if I went from half throttle to full suddenly.


This isn't usually an issue as I know it does it and even still it isn't a big enough lurch to throw you off, but it becomes and issue in situations where I need to actually slow due to the traffic ahead of me.

It also doesn't seem to do this at any hear except 6th at highway speed.


Has anyone experienced something like this? Do you know a fix? Thanks for your time


Check the vacuum slide diaphragm, the oring and the secondary.

Could be lean on your main. Coming off full throttle riches up your mixture giving you more power. 

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