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Strange wiring issue - the bike keeps turning on without the key!

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By turning on, I mean the lights and the cluster turn on. So here's the deal...

The main (20a) fuse keeps blowing. Not all the time, but sometimes when I park it and turn it off, it won't turn back on. Blown fuse. 

So I take the headlight off (still connected) and start investigating the wires, looking for shitty connections. As I'm moving and wiggling the wires, the headlight will turn on and off. (without key in ignition) I assume it's gotta be something with that red wire the goes battery>fuse>regulator>ignition>cluster. But it seems fine. The wires seem decent, I taped up a few spots here and there just to be sure.

Also, out of curiosity, you see those two black wires coming from the cluster and going nowhere? What is that?


I've been looking at the wiring diagram, scratching my head, but I'm no electrician and this is all new to me. Any ideas?

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Possibly a bad ignition switch but more likely as you say a red wire is touching some other wire.  Red to almost any other colored wire will back feed and power up every thing.  Black wire with white trace line are ground.  Solid black is a left side signal wire.  The unused wires out of the instrument cluster are for an acessory reset switch.

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