Marvin Musquin out for MXoDN

Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin announced today that he’s opting out of competing for Team France at this year’s Motocross of Nations. In an Instagram post, Musquin said that after consulting with his doctor and team, he’s decided to take care of his knee instead of riding at the event. Musquin suffered a torn meniscus earlier this season.

Below is his full statement: 

This week-end Will be announced the French team for the Mx of Nations. 
"I won't be part of the team because I will have to take care of my knee in September, once the season over. It's a disappointment for me but after talking with my doctor and my team I have to do what's best for my next season. I will be cheering on Team France to be on top of the podium again!?"


It's all lies

winning by 4:1 lol

Squid feel like this lets him off the hook and I quote... typos and all :smirk: 

"100% Vindicated - Ever heard of doctor who'd operate on a knee that isn't injured????   Not one Wii isn't risking the loss of his/her license to practice.  

I'll just say that you and the other yamatards  are absolutely dumb as &%$#@! or were just acting like it... "

WELCHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

someone who swindles you by not repaying a debt or wager



Type of:

chiseler, chiseller, defrauder, gouger, grifter, scammer, swindler

a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud


He was injured , his results suffered , the bet under the rules of the bet was terminated , time to say squid was right , do the honourable thing is my feelings

winning by 4:1 lol

You're hilarious fry, I thought you said you had moved on?  Then you go and post it.   


I  guess when you know you're an idiot it's best to meet things head on.   


 Enjoy your thread dumbass.  


I think i touched a nerve?  I am so sorry precious :lol:  


Oh someone struck a nerve fry that's clear.  You're triggered.  Enjoy your Sat.  


Oh shucks I hurt your feeling...   clearly you're triggered.  you said you had moved on then what and got all worked up about it.  That's what is entertaining.  

Well that and, making yourself look like an idiot.   KEEP  GOING, I'm sure you can look even dumber. 


You hurt my feelings?    I didn't call you a dumbass did I?  

It's okay, I hid all the posts.  Go regroup.  And what the F does Triggered mean?   Nevermind....  go rest that bruised vagina   


No no keep it up there big guy.  I want people to see triggered fry.  


I just wanted to point out I hid all the posts that caused the butt hurt but was asked to unhide them by Squid.  So here they are.....   supposedly showing me being "triggered"   WTH does that even mean???   :smirk:  


Fry told me how "he is over it, he's moved on" then he goes all bat shit crazy making himself look a fool  by going nuts on the very thing he's "over".  


That's pretty much the definition of triggered. 



Here is my original reply to the PM he send ME that he is referring to : 

I have moved on man.  It's your reputation that took a hit and only you can fix it at this point.  Not my fight.  I am sure if you post this, all the so called "yamatards" will come to their senses and agree with you all the 1-1's be damned !!!!   :smirk: 


Notice the laughing emoji !!!!    That means I am KIDDING you big ole baby ;) 

You've clearly moved on Fry...   More like triggered because you know only a fool would be saying he isn't injured. 

Keep showing your colors.... 

Replying to me within a minute kind of makes you look like the one triggered?  

Why you guys so trigger happy!

Just now, TDW said:

Why you guys so trigger happy!

Long off week, boredom, butthurtedness, I am guessing?   :smirk:  

1 minute ago, Fryboy said:

Replying to me within a minute kind of makes you look like the one triggered?  

Are you talking about yourself there fry?  




Just now, Fryboy said:


That's three in a row under a minute.  Well done. 

Just now, Fryboy said:


That's three in a row under a minute.  Well done. 

You win 4 motos in a row in the nationals, calling yourself injured is a cop out.  He should be there helping his country. 

5 hours ago, Fryboy said:

Long off week, boredom, butthurtedness, I am guessing?   :smirk:  

For some reason this thread reminds me of the need for gun safety training, :lol:


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