air filters

Any recomendations on air filters for a yz 426 or are they all pretty much the same? My stock filter is torn and I am looking to replace it.

Twin-air, GYR-T, and NO-Toil air filters have worked well for me. I ONLY use No-Toil filter oil/cleaner, it is hands down the best stuff out there.

Twin Air works best for me and my thumper, You can get it from for only 19.95 and it's the YAMAHA version, the same that the dealer puts on our thumpers before they leave the showroom floor !

Good Luck ! :)

I am running Twin Air at the moment,but I just read an article in Transworld Motocross that backs up Uni's claim to add 1 horsepower.They say that because Uni's 2 layers are not glued together it is less restictive.Makes sense to me.I think I'll pick one up. Ya Can't have to many clean filters!

uni for me

I use a UNI filter, in my opinion it's worth the $26.00.

26 BUCKS FOR A UNI? Id swear the shop around the corner from my house only gets 15.95 for'em. I might be wrong, its been known to happen.

agree with Uni..!!!

I have a uni and a twin air and notice no difference. I'm not saying there isn't one, just that I don't feel it. Don't run a K&N unless you use an outerwear type pre filter. The K&N passes larger dust particles than a foam filter.

UNI. They kick ass. When i put one on my old kawie it seemed to liven to motor up a little. Still havent ordered one for the Suzuki yet.

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