Wanted-XR 600R Parts--92 and newer!!

Up date on parts needed!!

91 and newer XR 600R complete rear wheel and rotor.

Also need brake pedal assembly.

Corky :):D

I can't seem to find a rear wheel for 92 or newer XR600.

As many of these bike that are around should be some used parts available??

Any ideas?? Help?? Thanks, Corky :):D

I have a front and rear wheel complete assembly with tires. I also have a set of front forks, front and rear brake assemblys, seat, new stator motor for desert lights, swing arm with shock and spring. All of these came off a 1995 XR600


Here's another rear wheel (don't know if you ebay or not): rear wheel

Have you tried Bob's cycle salvage down in the valley? How about All Bikes in Rye? The guy in Rye told me he could make about any wheel when I was recently looking a rear for my nephew's KDX 80. We ended up going to the Wheel Shop in the valley. They did a great job :thumbsup: (looks like XR600 spokes in that little KDX wheel!!) but wasn't cheap (get what you pay for I guess). Good luck with your quest, maybe knkglen can get ya hooked up.


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