Nother Acewell wiring question (3700)

Anyone able to tell me what the seven different coloured wires in each of the three wire clusters are for?  So I can work out which to indicators etc?

Have got the clock, speedo and tacho wiring sorted, but not headlight and indicators.

The colours are blue red yellow brown black white and green in the two outside and the central cluster.  Which is for what?
And if you also know which coloured wires on the bike harness, even better. At least for headlight and indicators.

At the mo, the headlight indicator lamp is 'on' when headlight is actually off, and goes on when headlight turned on.  And when the left indicator is turned on, the ace well display turns off and on and off and on......

Have the ace well 3701 wiring diagram, but isn't clear enough to me what goes where.

I just installed a 6502 that uses a similar schematic. It's fairly straightforward. There are a few oddities where the wire from the gauge goes through the connector and there is color change, so make sure you focus on the connector wire colors and not the wires coming from the gauge. It's also helpful to have the DRZ schematic in hand for reference. 

Edited by Gary in NJ

The trouble is that none of the wiring is attached to plugs, all are just separate wires, no connectors so no idea what goes where.

Tried to join the ace well forum here in Australia but couldn't generate a code to put in, to generate user name for some reason. Have emailed the forum manager to try to sort.

Yes, the wiring diagram is not clear enough for most people methinks.  Me at least!!

It sounds like you bought a used or second hand meter. The original owner probably kept the harness. So if you look at the wiring diagram above, ignore everything between the connectors and your harness. Go straight from the meter to your harness. It looks like the only color swap on the 37xx series is the green/red for the speed sensor.

For example, the brown wire from the 37xx goes to the directional wire from the indicator pilot lights on the DRZ. Cut the light green wire right out from the pilot light harness and attach it to the brown wire from the 37xx. If you need me to, I'll map it all out for you, but if you look at the above wiring diagram and compare that to the DRZ schematic, you'll get it. 

I took a look at this and mapped it for you. You'll be cutting the some wires from the Pilot Light Indicator (Neutral, High Beam, Turn) connector (you'll keep the Pilot light Indicator for the Temp light) and the Speedometer.

Harness with Black, Brown, Red & Green Wires


Ground - Black from 3701 to Black from Pilot Light

Right Directional – Brown from 3701 to Light Green from Pilot Light

Switched DC Power – Red from 3701 to Orange from Pilot Light

Neutral – Green from 3701 to Blue from Pilot Light


Harness with Black, Brown, Red, Green, White & Yellow Wires


Ground - Black from 3701 to Black from Speedometer

Clock Power – Brown from 3701 to Red from Speedometer

Switched DC Power - Red from 3701 to Orange from Speedometer

Reed Speed Sensor – Green from 3701 to Red on Sensor / White from 3701 to White on Sensor

RPM Input – Yellow from 3701 to the positive (white with black stripe) on coil. Coil wire doesn’t get removed, you add the yellow to the signal


Harness with Black, Brown, & Green Wires


Ground - Black from 3701 to the same Black from Pilot Light

Left Directional – Brown from 3701 to Black with White Stripe from Pilot Light

High Beam Indicator – Green from 3701 to Yellow from Pilot Light

Start at the beginning. There are three cables. One has four wires, one has six wires, the other, just three. From there, follow the colors. The pdf I linked to 'shows' that function  the wires support.

Thanks guys.  Gary - that's great info.  My 3700 has three bunches of wires, two on the outside and one in the centre (bottom).  Each have the same five (different coloured) wires inside.  Could I ask, when you say what goes where in your post, which 'harness' is which, i.e., which is 'left hand side harness' looking at the unit from the front of the bike, which is the centre, which is the right hand side?

Look at the wiring diagram above. Connector "A" the diagram shows all of the connectors as male, and connector "B" and "C" all of the connectors are female (shown as a U shape), except for the yellow. This is how you can differentiate between the harnesses.

Thanks.  Unfortunately, the wiring on my acewell doesn't have plugs on the ends to be able to identify which is which from the diagram.  Just five wires in each of the three harnesses.  So don't know which is which re the diagram.  Any clues?

I gave this some thought...and I have an idea.

Each harness has a brown wire. In one harness it's for the LEFT turn indicator (we call them directional in the US). In another it's for the RIGHT directional and the third it's for the CLOCK power. Attach brown wire to the battery (+) and the black wire from that harness to the battery (-). The resulting function will identify the harness.

Now get this thing wired up!

Great idea.  Heading to the workshop to try it out!

Back from the workshop.  Have hooked up most functions thanks to the above - power to the unit, tacho, right indicator pilot lamp.  

What is still not quite right is:

- the headlight pilot lamp comes on when ignition switch is turned on, goes off when low beam is turned on, then goes on again when high beam selected, and

- the left indicator pilot lamp does not light when the left indicator is turned on, but what does happen is that the headlight pilot lamp and in fact the whole display blink on and off when left indicator is selected.  

I've tried various ways to work out why this is: the brown wire from the left side harness is connected to the black and white wire (which gets the alternating on/off signal from the blinker as I tested it with a multimeter), and the wires from the central harness all seem correct - the black from this harness joins with the blacks from the other two harnesses to earth wire, brown to red for clock power, red to orange for switched power, green to red/white to white for speed sensor, and yellow goes to rpm.  So where is the unit getting the on/off/on/off left indicator signal from and why does the headlight pilot light come on when ignition turned on???

The headlight lamp is only a high beam indicator, so it should be off when the low beam is selected.

The left indicator....hmmm. It sounds like there is some cross talk on the wires - maybe internal to the unit. You purchased this unit used. Could you ask the previous owner if he experienced this same issue?

The problem's in the harness wiring - the voltage coming through both the yellow bike harness wire (going to the green on the 3701 for the headlight pilot light) AND the orange wire for the switched DC power get fluctuations in voltage when the left indicator is turned on.  Suspect that might even take an auto electrician some time to work out the issue there, so I just tidied it all up with shrink wrap on all connections and whacked the headlight unit back on and good to go.

Speedo works, tacho works, all the tripmeter etc functions work, right indicator pilot works, and, well I know when the left indicator's on as the headlight pilot and the whole unit light both blink on and off in unison.  Least make it easy to get a reminded to switch the blinker off!!  

Hopefully it doesn't cause damage to the unit, getting power variation like that, but hell, I'm over it and wanna go for a ride damn it!!

Thanks for all your help guys, appreciate it as always, and especially you Greg in NJ. Look me up in Oz if you ever get over here!!

Remove the black vinyl cover from the harness, separate the wires and see if the problem resolves. If it does look for a pinched wire or two. Until then, enjoy the ride. 

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