The other day I went to get on my bike after school finished, I started it up and I turned the choke on. Turned the choke off and gave it a small rev and it bogged down and died. At school I took it into the automotive shed and found out I can't get spark from it. Got home and pull it all apart. Eventually found the Killswitch was all mangled up. I cleaned it up and resoldered it to the Killswitch. Since then the bike has only been giving a little weak blue spark and it will only spark once every 2-3 kicks. Before it stopped running it did rain fairly heavy. I have tried a new spark plug, no difference. A Carby clean still no difference, although the pilot jet was partially blocked and I recently put in a new battery but I doubt that would be affecting the kickstart. I have no idea what the problem could be. I'm thinking that the stator went out.

If you had spark and then fixed your kill switch and now you have "some" spark, then I'd go back to the kill switch.  Bypass it completely and see what it does. 

How can I bypass it completely? What wire can I remove that will fully disable the Killswitch?


Unless they've changed the way a kill switch works all it does is complete a path to ground. Just disconnect/take it off and see if it runs. If it does you'll need to ground the wire or plug it back in and use the button to shut it off. 

Fixed it, spark plug cap wire was torn. Thanks 

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